About us

The team behind vcash

vcash is designed and built from the ground up by the venture building arm of Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd to bring Malaysia closer to being a cashless society. The team is made up of a bunch of tech lovers who dreams of a cashless Malaysia and is obsessed about making people’s lives simpler with the help of technology 🙌

So, what do you get when you put a mix of people with diverse backgrounds, from all walks of life, interests and experiences all together in one office in Bangsar South? Yup, that’s right! You get this really cool e-wallet app.

We come to work everyday with an aim to bring a little sugar and spice to what you do everyday – spend money. Since you spend nearly every waking moment on your smartphone, we decided to turn your phone into a wallet :)

Interested in knowing us more?

Love numbers and next-gen stuff? Come work with us and build wonders into vcash. Or if you're from the press, you can find our press kit below.