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Here are some commonly asked questions

Basics of vcash

  1. What is vcash?

    vcash is a mobile payment solution. It is a secure and smart way to carry digital money in your smartphone. This new mobile money experience gives people the convenience of paying for anything, anywhere on-the-go.

  2. What can I use vcash for?

    You can use vcash to:

    1. Pay for things by scanning a QR code

    2. Send or request money from anyone with a Malaysian phone number

    3. Withdraw money into your bank account

    4. Deposit money through your online bank, JomPAY or vcash supported stores

    5. Pay for your bills or top-up your prepaid telco accounts

  3. Do I need a smartphone to use vcash?

    Yes, you do need a smartphone to use vcash. You will also need to be connected to the Internet through your mobile data plan or on wifi in order for vcash to function.

  4. Is there a maximum amount I can store in vcash?

    Yes, we offer 3 levels in vcash; Basic, Enhanced, and Premium. For each wallet, the respective maximum vcash balance you can top up and keep is RM500, RM2,500 and RM5,000. For more information on the other limits to your wallet level, you may tap on your wallet level inside your vcash app.

  5. What are the security measures in place to ensure vcash is safe for customers?

    vcash stores your data on secure servers and encrypts your payment information with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology. Besides that, every transaction has to be authorised by your own 6-digit PIN or fingerprint. We also recommend locking your phone for additional security. For more details on the security features that we have, you may visit

  6. Is vcash licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia?

    Yes, vcash is a solution offered by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd in partnership with Valyou Sdn Bhd, a BNM accredited payments provider that promises security with every transaction. You may find us listed on the Bank Negara Malaysia website here:


  1. How can I register for vcash?

    You can register for vcash by downloading the app, ‘vcash MY’ on Google Play or the Apple App Store. After downloading the app, please follow the instructions on screen to complete the registration. As per requirements from Bank Negara Malaysia, we will require your MyKad or Passport number during registration. In order to perform a vcash transfer, you will also be asked to upgrade your account to Enhanced by submitting a copy of your MyKad or Passport to us for compliance purposes.

  2. What are the requirements to register for vcash?
    • You are a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia with a MyKad or a non-Malaysian possessing a valid passport

    • You hold a Malaysian mobile phone number

    • You are at least 18 years of age at the point of registration

  3. Is there a fee that I need to pay to use vcash?

    No, vcash is free to download and use. There is also no minimum balance required to keep your account active.

  4. Is my personal information safe?

    vcash assures that your personal information will not be shared or sold to any other parties, in accordance with the PDPA act. You may read more about our privacy policy here.


        1. How do I pay with vcash?
          1. Launch the vcash app

          2. Tap on ‘Pay’

          3. Scan the Shop QR or type in the Shop ID manually if your camera isn’t working

          4. Enter the amount and authorise the transaction with your PIN or fingerprint

          5. You will receive a notification and SMS on your transaction status

        2. Where can I use vcash to pay?

          We have included a list of shops that you can use vcash in the app. We are continuously working to increase the number of Shops that accept payments through vcash so make sure to check it out every now and then.

        3. Am I charged extra when using vcash to pay?

          Not at all! You only have to pay the required amount as shown on the bill or informed by the cashier.


        1. How do I deposit money into vcash?
          1. Deposit through a supported store

          2. JomPAY
            - Biller Code: 4325
            - Biller Code Name: VALYOU E-WALLET
            - Reference-1: (please insert your phone number in this format: 0123456789)

          3. Online Banking

        2. Is there a cost to deposit money into vcash?

          There is no cost to you as a vcash user to deposit money into vcash.


        1. How do I withdraw money from vcash?

          You can withdraw through a supported store or to your bank account by providing your banking details in the app.

        2. Is there a cost to deposit money into vcash?

          If you withdraw through a supported store, it is free of charge. If you withdraw to your bank account, an RM1.00 service fee will be incurred.

        Send/Request Money

        1. What can I do with the function ‘Send’ or ‘Request’
          • ‘Send’ allows you to transfer money from you vcash wallet balance to anyone with a registered Malaysian phone number.

          • ‘Request’ allows you to request for money from anyone with a registered Malaysian phone number.

        2. Is there a fee associated with every transfer I make?

          No fee is charged for any Send or Request feature used.

        3. How long does the process take?

          The transfer should be instantaneous. Both you and your recipient will also receive a notification and SMS on the transfer.

        4. Is there a maximum amount I am able to transfer?

          Yes, there is. You may view the Send and Request limits within your wallet level descriptions.

        5. What if the other party did not receive my transaction, but my wallet amount has been deducted?

          If the other party did not receive your money and your wallet has been deducted, you might want to check if you:

          • Sent it to the right phone number and

          • If your friend has received an SMS of the transaction

          If you sent it to the right phone number and your friend DID NOT receive an SMS, kindly notify us by dropping an email to [email protected]

        6. I sent money to the wrong phone number, what do I do?

          Unfortunately, we are unable to reverse any transactions to the wrong number. As such, you would want to be careful and confirm the mobile number you are sending money to.

        7. Can I send money to my friend who doesn’t have vcash?

          Yes you can! If your friend does not have vcash yet, you can still send money to them. They will receive an SMS letting them know that they have received money from you, and prompting them to download the vcash app to retrieve the money.

        In-App Store

        1. What can I do at the vcash Store?
          • Purchase credits for a variety of uses, such as gaming, transport, TV & News, telco prepaid top-ups and more

          • Pay for bills, for instance, utilities, postpaid lines, entertainment and more

        2. What happens if I have insufficient balance in vcash for my Store payments?

          The transaction will not be successful, and you will receive a notification on the unsuccessful transaction. You may deposit money into your vcash account before attempting to pay the bill again.

        3. Am I charged extra for payments in the vcash Store?

          Nope! vcash does not charge extra for any purchases at the Store.

        4. Are payments real-time?

          We will channel the payments real-time, however for bill payments, it also depends on the provider as it may take up to several working days for it to be recognised and settled in their systems. Do ensure that you always pay your bills on time.

        Help & Support

        1. What if my phone is stolen/missing?

          If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can reach out to us at any of the following channels and we will freeze your account for you:

          • Log a report on our website > > under Help & Support > My account  is compromised

        2. If my vcash stops responding, what do I do?

          We do advise you to always use the latest version of vcash whenever there are new versions of the app. If vcash stops responding on your device, please attempt the following steps:

          • Restart the app

          • Logout and login again

          • Restart you device

          • Delete and reinstall the app

          If all else fails, please notify us at [email protected] and we will be able to assist you there.

        3. What do I do if I forgot my PIN/want to change my PIN?

          If you forgot your PIN, you can tap on ‘Forgot PIN’ once you have launched the vcash app. If you would like to change your PIN, you can do so under Account Settings within the vcash app after logging in with your initial PIN.

        4. I paid the wrong amount, what do I do?

          If you paid more than the required amount to the merchant, they will be able to refund the money to you through cash. Otherwise, please drop an email to [email protected] with your phone number, the shop you have paid to and the amount you would like to be refunded to you.

        5. I didn’t perform this transaction, what is going on?

          You will receive a notification, SMS and see each transaction log within your vcash app. If you spot an unusual transaction that you did not perform, please notify us immediately at [email protected].

        If you face any issues that we have not addressed in this FAQ, please feel free to email us at [email protected].