Turn any smartphone into an ewallet

You call the shots, spend your money your way

Paying with your phone is as easy as scanning a QR code. You can even send or ask for money from anyone with a Malaysian phone number, buy prepaid top-ups, gaming credits and pay your bills with the vcash ewallet app

Try it out yourself, it's free on both Android and iOS

vcash eWallet provides many ways to pay without cash

Pay for things as if you're taking a photo

Phone cameras aren't only meant for selfies, all you need to do is scan the QR code with to pay for your cup of coffee. Really, it's that simple 👌

Pay with phone by scanning QR code
vcash eWallet app provides a free money transfer feature
User can drop a note with every transfer request

Transfer and ask for money like sending a text

Share money with your friends, or send them a reminder to pay you back – all it takes is a Malaysian phone number. Can't get any simpler than that 🙌

Shop and pay your bills without leaving home

Browse through the vcash Store to buy prepaid top-ups, game credits, and even pay your bills. You can wave goodbye to queues now👋

vcash Store let users buy different products and pay bills with phone
Users are provided with full history of their transactions
Account PIN number and fingerprint makes vcash eWallet safe and secure

Keeping your account safe with a PIN or fingerprint

You don't have to worry about your mobile wallet getting hacked. Every transaction is recorded and protected with your fingerprint or PIN 🔒

Wanna give the vcash ewallet a spin?

It's absolutely free to download and use

To enjoy even more perks, start by depositing money into your account and verify your identity for free

vcash Business is created for retailers like you

Settlements within 2 working days, absolutely no cost to start-up, and a transaction fee so low – you won't even notice it's there